My name is Jennifer Soos (pronounced just like Dr. Seuss) and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Antonio, Texas.

I have been working with individuals, couples and families since 2002 when I earned my Masters in Applied Behavioral Science/Systems Counseling from the Leadership Institute of Seattle at Bastyr University.

A life-long learner and lover of great novels, I have always been intrigued by the power of the family – how it teaches us, shapes our perspectives and then launches us out into the world to make our own way. I am passionate about helping people create the family they long for (perhaps in spite of the family they came from) and build the life they dream about. I consider it an honor to do what I love.

I’m a native Texan who spent almost 10 years in Seattle – and no, I have not yet re-adjusted to the heat since returning here in 2005. When I’m not working I can be found trying to keep up with my two boys or in my kitchen trying to figure out how in the world to keep them fed. I’m married to one of my favorite people on the planet who has been making me laugh since 1991…and while we are happy to say we’ve been together more than two decades, it hasn’t ever been perfect and we’ve sought counseling for our own relationship challenges on two different occasions.  I like my clients to know that I’ll never ask them to do something I haven’t probably done myself for my own marriage.

In addition to my private practice, I ran a local non-profit for 10 years which provided support for families who have experienced the death of a child. Through that organization, MISS Foundation, I also conduct training seminars in our local hospitals to help medical professionals support the grieving families they serve. This is something close to my heart as my husband and I experienced the death of our oldest son in 2004. For more information on the MISS Foundation you can go here for their national site.

I encourage everyone to choose their therapist carefully as this relationship can be one of the most rewarding in your life. It should be someone with whom you feel quite comfortable… so interview several, ask questions, shop around.

Jennifer Soos, MA, LMFT
The Institute for Couple and Family Enhancement
21015 Market Ridge
San Antonio, TX 78258

photo © Janne Aubrey

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